Rachel Carrera…..Novelist

For those of you interested in finding new talent in writers I would like to suggest your checking out Rachel Carrera. I have placed her contact information below for you to be able to look at what she has written about herself and her art. Very interesting. Worth checking out!


I am also linking her to my site.




Saturday Morning 10/7/2011

Up early. Thinking. Writing. Half way through my final edit of Prince of Dan. The book now is over 400 pages in length and about 106,000 words. Murder mystery. Nine murders and about the same number of potential killers. The story extends over 20 years. Looking to find a publisher but may self publish. Also have a book of poetry soon to be released. And, The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems can be found at Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobel. The book is available on Nook and Kindle. Great reviews and looking for more.