I will never forget the day that Hemingway died

Nor of how he died on ‘61’s second day of July

I was sixteen years old way back then

And far too much to the universe tuned in

I will never forget the shock that filled me as I cried

Deep inside a wounded creature not knowing why

Not even knowing much about the man I stood

Alone in silence surrounded by living woods

That were more than silent that day he died

To me they were, to me they were and yet

The world still moved and went its passing way

But in my heart, I knew something broke that day

Something strange that day had come and gone its way

The day that Papa died, yes that day on ‘61s second day of July       1/14/17


I’ve been silent a bit for certain reasons, which cause me confusion. I have been writing as much as I always do, but feel constrained what with contests and awards and worry about theft of my writing. The joy of sharing is diminished greatly because of all that. I don’t know who to approach about it or even how to ask for advice. It simply is an issue that limits me in what I love to do. As a poet I’ve run across many outlets who will only look at your poetry if you’ve never published any poetry … and I mean “any” poetry. So, I guess because I’ve published then that places me in that category, and I cannot put anything with them. Then there are regional and age and sex issues, which must be confronted. Being a poet is not simply being a writer. No!

New Blog — End of emails.

Hi….So, why am I writing you ask. Well, its this way. I’ve decided to start another blog.

Yes. God help me. Aren’t you excited?


Oh well.

Well, I am, and here is the deal.

This is a blog about poetry. Only poetry. I decided to do this as my email lists are growing too large and I also make political commentary from time to time and my other blogs get weighted down. So, by separating out the poetry I can focus on one thing at this location and one thing only. And, very importantly, anyone coming to this site is only going to find poetry and poetry related links and comments.

I am looking for you to do a very simple thing for me (and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it would be ever so nice if you did) simply go to Poet in the Rain at 

At the top of the page you will find the word Subscribe, click on it and subscribe. (No Cost and you can unsubscribe whenever you wish to do so.)

I’m simply separating the poetry crowd from the non-poetry crowd and getting rid of the individual emails that I send out. Poet in the Rain will send out its own emails and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time you so wish and not have to hit the delete button which I know some of you are doing now…..I know who you are. You ‘re sitting there and suddenly you get this beep and my email pops up and you say “crap” or something like that and hit the delete button…..uh huh…. Well, I’m giving you the chance to opt in or not opt in by subscribing or not subscribing.

So, there you have it. Would love to see you subscribe but if you don’t I will understand and so from now on (except for those who request it) I will not be sending out individual poetry emails.

And everyone stood up and cheered. 01

So, go to and subscribe.

Once I hit the send button on this email the email list will disappear from my computer, meaning, if you wish to receive any future poetry from me you need to go to Poet in the Rain and subscribe.

Much thanks to all of you who have written me with comments and much thanks to you who have groaned every time you see a new post from me before hitting the delete button. Think of how much time this is going to shave off from your day.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Poet in the Rain located at 

Best to you, always!
Gordon Kuhn

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Come visit, send money, sign up…..subscriptions are free and you will get instant access to future posts and you can look at back posts and, if you are nice, I’ll post your comments.  Come on over.  If I had a beer I’d share.  BUT fair warning:  Some of my poetry tends to be on the dark side….not evil…..just, in some cases, it would be a good idea to not have sharp instruments nearby.  I don’t write to shock or make someone worry about my mental condition.  I write in a fever.  The words come in a rush, so fast at times I cannot keep up and then have to edit again and again to get it right.  So, enough, there are three of my poems there out of a collection of close to a hundred.  I intend on publishing a book soon and this happens to be a birthing zone of sorts for ideas.  You may not like one or two poems, but I am sure you will find many of mine you will fall in love with and if not then I understand ane will not be offended if you don’t subscribe.  But, in the words of the world famous author friend of mine in Canada, TL Tyson:  SUBSCRIBE NOW, DAMNIT.


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