Saturday Update

We finished our CERT training today. CERT stands forĀ  Community Emergency Response Team. In the event of damaging storms or other events the CERT will mobilize to help neighbors in each of the communities within this area. We can also be called upon to go other places. We received our hard hats, pack pack, camel back and other equipment after the end of class, along with a name tag for identification. I was asked to be the team leader for our neighborhood of about 80 plus home. I agreed. Still working on CLOWNS.

Saturday Morning CERT Class

Community Emergency Reaction Team (CERT) we, Jan and I, are becoming members of this group which trains people to handle emergency activities in the event of devastating events (earthquakes, hurricanes, man made, etc.) We are now in day four of training. We get to put out fires…yay. Looking forward to that. Good program. In the event of a problem like a hurricane that destroys the area the CERT people will have food, medical supplies, water and radios to communicate with the outside world. I think it is a good idea.