Predator: The Man Who DIdn’t Exist …… update

The book, Predator, The Man Who Didn’t Exist is a complex work. Currently at 290 pages and about half way through it. The book is about a serial killer/rapist who began his criminal career at age 14 and in March of 2013 he received a death sentence for the murder of a doctor’s wife in Bradenton, FL.

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EXCERPT FROM Predator, The Man Who Didn’t Exist


She lay face down.
At least, that is how they found the body—face down.
They, being the hastily established Manatee County team of sheriff’s deputies, forensic personnel, fire department paramedics, and the county coroner’s office staff. It was their job to descend on the horrifying scene at a residence in a quiet neighborhood in response to her husband’s frantic 911 call.
Manatee County 911, what is the nature of your emergency
Caller:…I just got home, my wife is on the floor!
911:…Are you with her now?
Caller: Yeah…I think she’s already dead.
911: Is she awake?
Caller: No, I think she’s dead.
911: What makes you think she’s dead?
Caller: She’s not breathing. She’s laying here and she’s cold and blue.
They would come like a small, sudden swarm of cautious, curious, searching ants. Their rapidly advancing presence along four-lane US 19 was heralded by the growing sound of wailing sirens coming north out of the cities of Bradenton and Palmetto.
911: She’s cold?
Caller: Oh, yes. …
911: Do you believe she’s beyond any help?
Caller: She’s not breathing. She’s not breathing.
911: Do you think she’s beyond help?
Caller: I can’t, I can’t…her mouth is bound…gagged. Oh, God.
911: I am sending paramedics to help you….
The disjointed string of vehicles slowed as it crossed the bridge passing over the murky greenish brown Terra Ceia Bay. The conversation continued between the caller and the 911 operator for several minutes with the 911 operator finally transferring the call to the sheriff’s department.
911: Okay, stay on the line. I am going to let you speak to the sheriff’s department.
Sheriff’s department: This is Carey on a recorded line.
911: I am transferring a call to you….
The 911 operator quickly passed information to the sheriff’s deputy concerning the nature of the call and the caller’s identification. The deputy immediately dispatched personnel who raced to the location where the caller was at while continuing the conversation calmly on the phone.

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MICKEY PAMO —– Karma Life Readings ……A SPECIAL TREAT!

OH MY GOD! Okay everyone, stand by, this is one incredible site that I have come across. I am blessed to have her following me because that event introduced me to her. On the notice to me that she was following me there are three links to her work. Each page is beautifully done. She is a wonderful artist and writer. Of all the blogs I’ve read this woman’s standout. Absolutely incredible. You have to visit each page to see what I’m talking about. Here is the primary link:


My book “PREDATOR” is slowly advancing. I would like it to be further along than it is but…. Racing along is not appropriate in this type of book.

It is about a serial rapist and murderer. He is a brutal man. Extremely violent. His prey? Woman 50 and up, single, living alone.

I met the man in a jail-house interview. He has to be the nightmare that should never have been. His first rape that we know of was when he was age fourteen in 1986. His target? A forty year old woman customer in a drive-thru car wash. He drug his victim into the businesses bathroom where he robbed and raped her. Had she not gotten away from him following the assault, then most likely she would have been his first murder victim. He stated to her at one point, “I gotta figure out what to do with you.” Then he tried to get her into the trunk of her car which had the engine running. She managed to break free and get help from a business across the street from where the rape occurred.

So, reading court records, interviewing people, and putting it altogether is not an easy task.