Poetry and Random Thoughts 073017/0608

There is a difference, I think, from the common to the uncommon. Yet, in many cases they appear side by side as twins. Just a subtle difference here or there can determine the difference that you and I cannot perceive on the surface. But isn’t that the problem? Isn’t it how we perceive what we consider to be4 reality?

I have, since early childhood, wondered how you and I see color. A teacher points at a chart and says, “That is blue.” Really? Think about this for a moment. The teacher has an assigned role to play and relies upon her belief and understanding of common versus uncommon. And yet, how do we know if her understanding is correct?

If she says that the object she is pointing to is blue you record that in your mind as being blue. But what if her perception of blue is more tinted with green in your mind. So every time you look at item that in your mind has green in it or perceive it as such then when called upon to point at blue in a test you we pointing at something which in your mind is blue and yet in reality is blue-green  to her but she perceives it as blue because she sees everything put before her as blue being blue and yet her mind approaches the color she sees as being blue-green.

I mean, seriously, how can we come to the belief that what you see versus what I see is actually correct.

In another example, I just fell asleep while sitting here and dreamt I was at a seminar. The hotel that we were staying at was very nice and had a very large swimming pool. Everyone was swimming and so I decided to join in. I just now realized that I was the only one in the swimming pool that was naked but neither I nor anyone else recognized that fact until in my mind I just now realized that I was naked. The reason is because I remembered that in my dream I did not have any swimming suit with me. But in my mistaken reality I and everyone there had a swimming suit on. So, if by chance, you happen to go swimming the question then becomes are you wearing a swimming suit or are you naked.

So, I guess, the real question is quite simply: what is reality?



Dismantled by Love

She came softly

Easily to his bed was led

And he found himself—suddenly dismantled

Unexpected the world spinning about his head

As if enjoying a first time cup of rich Turkish Coffee

Followed by a sip of mint liqueur that was fed

From the tip of his lover’s tongue warm red

That sought his mouth out amid a smile of rapture deep

To share as did they while the world disappeared forgotten

While within tousled sheets the pair gamboled

And he surrendered to her charms thus, so gently wed.              1/9/2017



Feb. 21, 2012

Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions, a Division of Alpaca Junction, Inc.

You toucha my poem and I breaka your face.

NOTE: The beat on this came from a couple of jazz pieces I was listening to the other day. The singer cut off the end of the sentences which, for the most part, were short and choppy with the end of the sentence a space behind the other part and , in most cases, a hard beat louder than the rest.  Using the first line as an example it is: two beats, pause, strong beat…… She was (pause) TALL …….Next line: two beats, pause, strong .. Oh so (pause) TALL I hope that makes sense. It sounded great to the jazz pieces I was listening to.

She was


Oh so,


She was


Lord oh so very


Made me fall in


Lost my mind I surely


In love with my

Miss Chocolate Ice


We met in early


When high-school was in


And she taught me all about


When I was just


It released me from all my


Holy lord I am herein


Her eyes, her eyes were



With a flash that made me



She taught me all about


While she teased me with all her


And I was proud, oh, so proud to be


In her company, if’n you know’d what I


Lord, don’t you be knowin’ she was


So lean my


She disappeared beneath the


And I feared she mighta even


Tucked away hiddin’ from my


When she come prowlin’ onc’t past


And gave me a horrible teenager boy


But she winked in sheer


Winked and whispered,

It’s alright.

‘pon spyin’the toes of my lady


There in the early morning

Steamy Air

Steam did the coolish night air


A foot an’ a tattooed ankle


Like the rest of her was quite


Yes, my brotha’, quite